Please note that provided prices do not reflect any discounts or coverage provided by insurance. In some cases, insurance may cover all services and leave the patient with zero out-of-pocket costs. If you have insurance and would like information on your copay amounts, please contact our office at (865) 544-1677.

Comprehensive Eye Exam - A comprehensive eye exam (no insurance/self-pay discount) is $75.00. This includes a glasses prescription and thorough health evaluation. 

Comprehensive Eye Exam with a Contact Lens Evaluation - This includes a prescription for glasses along with the fitting of contact lenses. The price for these services is dependent on the type of contacts lenses being fit.

  • Spherical lenses (non-astigmatism) for established lens wearers is $120.00.
  • Lens evaluation for astigmatism, multifocal (bifocal), mono vision, color contact lenses and for new wearers who require a contact lens training course is $140.00.
  • Specialty fits start at $160.00 for those wearing specialty or made to order lenses, mono vision astigmatic patients and those wearing multifocal astigmatic lenses.

Office Visit for the Treatment of Eye Infection/Injury/Disease -  start at $25.00 and are dependent on the type of medical problem being treated. Services provided include evaluation and treatment of eye infections, contact lens-related infections or abuse, corneal scratches/abrasion, foreign body removal (including metallic foreign bodies), allergic and viral conjunctivitis (i.e. pink eye), and dry eye treatment and evaluation. Office visits to treat these types of issues are medical issues, and may be billed to your medical insurance provided it is an insurance we accept.

Other Services We Provide -  Visual fields testing, contact lens insertion and removal training, punctual plug insertion (associated with dry eye treatment) foreign body removal, post-operative cataract surgery care, pachymetry, OCT scanning, fundus photography, and many other services.

Our highly-qualified doctors can evaluate and provide eye care for diabetics, patients with macular degeneration and those patients currently taking high risk medication such as Plaquenil.